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Stormchaser Mountsorrel Leicester current Weather StormChaser Mountsorrel Leicester current Weather

7 Day Weather Forecast for Mountsorrel / Rothley

Wednesday: Rather cloudy with outbreaks of light rain, most likely across northern and western areas. Drier further south and east with some bright or even sunny spells. Rather warm. Becoming breezy. Maximum Temperature 17C.

Outlook for Thursday to Saturday: Mostly dry, bright and warm Thursday with perhaps the odd shower in the west. Rain arriving later on Friday, then turning fresher Saturday with sunshine and scattered heavy, thundery showers.

UK Outlook for Sunday 2 Apr 2017 to Tuesday 11 Apr 2017: After a cold start to Sunday it should turn drier for all, with some good spells of sunshine. We could see the cloud thicken from the west later, with some rain in the far northwest. By early next week, high pressure will begin to build in from the southwest bringing drier, brighter weather with some sunny spells, particularly in the south. It'll stay more unsettled in the northwest however, and it will be windy here, with the risk of coastal gales later in the period. There will be some drier interludes here also though. It will also feel warm in any spring sunshine, particularly in the south and east. It may then turn more generally unsettled later in the period.
XML Weather DataFeed Supplied by
GFS Model Run: Wed 29 Mar 18:00 pm
Data Obtained: Wed 29 Mar 23:08 pm

DateTimeTempDew PointWind ChillWind SpeedWind DirectionAir PressureRainStorm RiskSnow Risk% CloudForecastWxIcon
Thu 30 Mar00:00 am12°c11°c9°c15 mph SSW 1018 mb0.4 mm----100%Cloudy Chance of Rain Cloudy Chance of Rain
 03:00 am12°c11°c9°c14 mph SSW 1018 mb------100%Overcast Overcast
 06:00 am11°c10°c9°c14 mph SSW 1018 mb------100%Overcast Overcast
 09:00 am13°c11°c11°c20 mph SSW 1017 mb------90%Overcast Overcast
 12:00 pm16°c11°c14°c16 mph SSW 1017 mb------90%Overcast Overcast
 15:00 pm18°c12°c17°c16 mph SSW 1015 mb------70%Sunny Spells Sunny Spells
 18:00 pm15°c12°c13°c12 mph SOUTH 1014 mb0.2 mm35%--70%Scattered Showers Scattered Showers
 21:00 pm13°c11°c11°c13 mph SOUTH 1014 mb------90%Overcast Overcast
Fri 31 Mar00:00 am11°c10°c9°c10 mph SSE 1012 mb------90%Overcast Overcast
 03:00 am10°c10°c8°c11 mph SOUTH 1009 mb0.4 mm10%--90%Scattered Showers Scattered Showers
 06:00 am11°c10°c8°c12 mph SOUTH 1007 mb0.4 mm10%--100%Scattered Showers Scattered Showers
 09:00 am12°c10°c9°c18 mph SSW 1007 mb------90%Overcast Overcast
 12:00 pm13°c10°c11°c16 mph SW 1008 mb0.3 mm----90%Cloudy Chance of Rain Cloudy Chance of Rain
 15:00 pm14°c10°c12°c14 mph SW 1008 mb------60%Sunny Spells Sunny Spells
 18:00 pm12°c9°c10°c8 mph SSW 1007 mb0.2 mm15%--40%Scattered Showers Scattered Showers
 21:00 pm8°c7°c6°c8 mph SOUTH 1008 mb--------Clear Clear
Sat 01 Apr00:00 am7°c6°c4°c8 mph SSE 1008 mb--------Clear Clear
 03:00 am6°c6°c4°c8 mph SSE 1008 mb--------Clear Clear
 06:00 am6°c6°c3°c8 mph SE 1008 mb------20%Sunny Periods Sunny Periods
 09:00 am10°c8°c7°c10 mph SSE 1009 mb------90%Overcast Overcast
 12:00 pm14°c8°c12°c13 mph SSW 1010 mb0.3 mm32%--90%Scattered Showers Scattered Showers
 15:00 pm13°c8°c12°c13 mph SW 1010 mb0.4 mm32%--20%Scattered Showers Scattered Showers
 18:00 pm10°c8°c8°c8 mph WSW 1012 mb0.6 mm12%--50%Scattered Showers Scattered Showers
 21:00 pm8°c8°c6°c7 mph WSW 1014 mb------70%Mostly Cloudy Mostly Cloudy
Sun 02 Apr00:00 am7°c6°c4°c8 mph WSW 1016 mb------40%Light Cloud Light Cloud
 03:00 am6°c5°c3°c8 mph WEST 1018 mb--------Clear Clear
 06:00 am6°c5°c3°c7 mph WNW 1020 mb--------Clear Clear
 09:00 am10°c8°c8°c9 mph WNW 1022 mb------20%Sunny Periods Sunny Periods
 12:00 pm12°c8°c11°c8 mph WEST 1024 mb------50%Sunny Periods Sunny Periods
 15:00 pm12°c8°c11°c8 mph WEST 1024 mb------80%Overcast Overcast
 18:00 pm10°c8°c9°c4 mph WSW 1025 mb------60%Sunny Spells Sunny Spells
 21:00 pm5°c4°c4°c3 mph SOUTH 1027 mb------30%Light Cloud Light Cloud
Mon 03 Apr00:00 am7°c6°c5°c7 mph SOUTH 1027 mb------40%Light Cloud Light Cloud
 03:00 am6°c5°c3°c6 mph SSW 1027 mb------30%Light Cloud Light Cloud
 06:00 am5°c3°c2°c7 mph SW 1027 mb------30%Sunny Periods Sunny Periods
 09:00 am10°c7°c8°c9 mph SW 1027 mb------60%Sunny Spells Sunny Spells
 12:00 pm15°c10°c14°c11 mph SW 1027 mb------60%Sunny Spells Sunny Spells
 15:00 pm16°c13°c15°c12 mph SW 1025 mb------70%Sunny Spells Sunny Spells
 18:00 pm14°c12°c13°c11 mph SW 1025 mb------80%Overcast Overcast
 21:00 pm11°c10°c8°c13 mph SW 1026 mb------60%Mostly Cloudy Mostly Cloudy
Tue 04 Apr00:00 am11°c10°c9°c10 mph WEST 1027 mb0.4 mm----70%Cloudy Chance of Rain Cloudy Chance of Rain
 03:00 am7°c6°c4°c11 mph NW 1029 mb------90%Overcast Overcast
 06:00 am4°c3°c1°c8 mph NNW 1032 mb------50%Sunny Periods Sunny Periods
 09:00 am8°c3°c5°c11 mph NORTH 1035 mb--------Clear Clear
 12:00 pm11°c4°c9°c9 mph NNW 1035 mb--------Clear Clear
 15:00 pm11°c5°c9°c10 mph NW 1035 mb------90%Overcast Overcast
 18:00 pm8°c5°c6°c8 mph WNW 1035 mb------70%Sunny Spells Sunny Spells
 21:00 pm4°c2°c1°c6 mph WNW 1036 mb------50%Light Cloud Light Cloud
Wed 05 Apr00:00 am3°c2°c0°c7 mph WEST 1036 mb------50%Light Cloud Light Cloud
 03:00 am3°c2°c-1°c8 mph WSW 1034 mb------30%Light Cloud Light Cloud
 06:00 am3°c2°c0°c8 mph WEST 1034 mb------20%Sunny Periods Sunny Periods
 09:00 am9°c5°c5°c14 mph WNW 1033 mb------20%Sunny Periods Sunny Periods
 12:00 pm10°c6°c7°c14 mph WNW 1032 mb------60%Sunny Spells Sunny Spells
 15:00 pm10°c6°c7°c13 mph NW 1031 mb------100%Overcast Overcast
 18:00 pm9°c6°c6°c10 mph WNW 1030 mb------90%Overcast Overcast
 21:00 pm5°c5°c2°c9 mph WNW 1031 mb------20%Light Cloud Light Cloud

The Mountsorrel Weather Station is located in Mountsorrel which is just South of Loughborough and just North of Leicester in Leicestershire.
It is maintained by Stormchaser Stuart Robinson whose passion is for all type of weather but especially the more severe types of weather such as Hurricanes, Typhoon and Tornadoes.